The program

This Training for Equestrians program is an exclusive plan designed for horse riders who want help to make their dreams physically possible.

Sometimes we think that personal training is designed to make you look muscly, or lose fat, but if you are someone involved in a sport and particularly a sport that requires great balance and physical fitness, the ability to work with your body, becomes an essential part of being the best rider you can be.


It is not only about building up muscle, however this can help particularly if you are naturally small and need a bit more seat in order to feel comfortable in the saddle, but more than that, it is about learning to control your movements, learning to connect the contraction of one muscle, with the reaction it has to the muscles around it.

How it works?

Meet me at my training studio located in Lisbon and we will develop a strategy for you. For more information contact me here.

We will define a strategy to help you achieve a better and stronger performance!

I am a graduated Personal Trainer with more than 7 years experience in training people to achieve specific physical objectives. I’m experienced in helping people with specific conditions to overcome their obstacles.


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