Core Training for Who?!

Some time ago this website was created because many people talk about core strength for horse riders but only few understand what that means.

Most of the times people want complex explanations on what is core strength; how can you develop it; what are the exercises you can do; but the truth is, is much more simple than you may think.

Core training for Equestrians is about developing the strength of the muscles you need in order to keep you stable and in control in your daily activities (in special when you are on top of your horse.)

The basic idea is to develop the strength of your muscles so you can stay on top of your horse if anything goes wrong….. or ultimately if something goes worse to prevent the develop of an injurie. The overall strength of your muscles must be in mind!

Core Training can also be used to recover an old injurie so you can keep going in your Horseriding journey and minimise your new conditions!

About exercises you can do….. pretty much all exercises you already know 😛 The key isn’t the exercises you do but the way you perform them, so if you can you should get a professional to help you.

Kind regards


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