How it works?

Basically you fill in a questionnaire with your information, and the goals you wish to achieve, and whatever issues you have, where the pain is etc, and then a report is written summarising that information.

After you fill in the questionnaire a payment request is sent for the initial program and the summary is made. You can choose to sign up only for the first one or for the options available at the end of the questionnaire.

Then you are sent a personalised workout with pictures and explanations, of what to do, fitting in with the information you provided in the questionnaire on your training availability and equipment.

After the first month you will be sent a new payment request, and if you are feeling it is something worthwhile for you, you can continue each month, receiving a new program to continually strengthen and gain more flexibility in the areas that are possibly causing the pain 😉

Sign Up Questionnaire

If you have any further questions please write anytime, the first step is to fill in the questionnaire , then we go from there …

Sarah Xo


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