We love to hear any feedback on the progress and improved riding of our students.

Start now and yours could be next 🙂


“I have found the program very useful, particularly as I can do it from home, around my schedule, and I have noticed a significant difference to my feeling on the horse. I have a particularly stiff neck, and used as a warmup to riding, I feel much more relaxed, and also strong, during my riding time.”

Debbie Warne, Dressage Rider and Instructor for over 40 years


“Hi Guys.
Just wanted to give you a quick update on my workout this morning. It went AWESOME! I hurt lol (…)
Thanks to you both for your help in getting me back on track.”

Rebecca Williams-O’Brien, Property Manager and Dressage Rider


“When I began the program I was very lacking in any real body tone and muscle, and had a great amount of pain and tension around my hip and back area. Over time, the core program has helped me gain a greater range of motion, and increased muscle mass, in the targeted areas I need for riding.
I have not only found greater stability on the horse, but have also improved my balance, as I am no longer compensating my weight distribution to avoid pain.”

Sarah Warne, Dressage rider and Eurodressage journalist

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